Belle Corporation endeavors to balance efforts to strengthen profitability with commitment to social good. Inspired by the Corporation's mission to uplift the quality of life of the communities it serves, Belle strives to empower the disadvantaged through civic and enviromental initiatives. It is for this reason that the Corporation launched its Corporate Social Responsibility arm -- BELLE Kaagapay.


KAAGAPAY aims to impact societal relevance by means of educating people with sustainable efforts, underscoring solidarity, shared aspirations and responsibility within the community. It has fostered significant partnerships with local communities to implement various socially responsible initiatives: Kaagapay sa Kalusugan, Kaagapay sa Karunungan, Kaagapay sa Kalikasan, Kaagapay sa Kabuhayan and Kaagapay sa Kinabukasan.


In the language of farming, the CSR story of Belle Corporation is still a sapling, young yet ripe with potential. KAAGAPAY reaffirms the Company's commitment and reliabitlity in partnering with government and society to advance the necessity of cultivating life into communities and putting meaning to shared responsibiltiy, with the end in view of creating empowered and productive citizens thriving in a broad-based economy.  



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2014-11-22 Belle’s P2M Donation for typhoon Yolanda victims view