Our Vision
Belle Corporation envisions itself as a world-class provider of the finer things in life.


Our Mission
     • To develop quality entertainment and leisure facilities that promote growth and environmental sustainability.
     • To enhance shareholder value for the Company’s partners and investors.
     • To promote a mutually beneficial relationship with all the stakeholders grounded on integrity and respect.
     • To be an employer of choice offering career growth opportunities.
     • To enhance the quality of life of the communities it serves.


Our Values
Sustainability. Accountability. Integrity. Leadership. Hard Work. Innovation.


  1. Deliver value to our shareholders.

    • Declaration of regular dividends exceeding 30% of the prior year’s net income from continuing operations. 

    • Adoption of good governance practices, and being assessed as one of the top 100 Philippine PLCs scoring above 90% in the annual ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard. 

    • Endeavor to continuously realize increases in net income, surpassing operating perfomance in 2015-2016. 

  2. Serve as a good corporate citizen for the benefit of our stakeholders.

    • Implementation of activities to uplift the quality of life in surrounding communities thru Belle Kaagapay, the Company’s corporate social responsibility arm. Such activities include supporting the Brigada Eskwela program of the Philippine government, granting of college scholarships, feeding programs for primary grade school students, medical/dental missions, tree-planting and livelihood programs.

    • Continuous partnership with SM Foundation, Inc. on future CSR projects, for e.g. recommendation for scholarship candidates, technology and knowledge resource for farming / livelihood program, medical/dental team resource, etc.

  3. Deliver the finer things in life to our customers.

    • Completion and launching of prime leisure properties. Property developments in Tagaytay Highlands and Midlands, Belle’s premier mountain resort complexes, are one of the top leisure destinations in the real estate industry. Midlands, nearing completion, has breathtaking views of Taal Lake and Volcano, Midlands Fairways and the mountainside. Its exclusive amenities include Central Park, with its own pavilion and swimming pool, Lounge Garden and Bird Watch Park.

    • Improvements at the Country Club. In 2016, groundbreaking done for the Aerial Walk and construction started for the Boot Camp challenge course at the EcoParks. For 2017, the Country Club plans to start improving interior spaces at the Gourmet Avenue and set up a coffee spot of signature beverages, to be called De Rigueur Cafè. Also in the pipeline is the renovation of the Highlands Peak Bar and conversion of the third floor of the Country Club’s Sports Center into a multi-function Sports Hall.