Belle Corporation's company policies were created to supplement its Manual on Corporate Governance and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.  The Company regularly reviews and updates these policies to ensure it keeps up with current best practices.

The Company uses a Whistle-Blowing Policy, which employees, customers, shareholders and stakeholders can make use of to report questionable activities, unethical conduct, fraud or malpractice by mail, phone or electronic mail in strictest confidentiality to allay fears of retaliation. The Company's Head of Corporate Governance (CG) shall establish the materiality and validity of all whistle-blower reports. Reports may also be submitted to any Department Head of the Company. The Head of CG shall endorse the report to the Ethics Committee (Management level) for further investigation if the report is deemed well-substantiated. On the other hand, if the report is deemed unsupported, the Head of CG shall inform the whistle-blower of the status of the report within 24 hours from receipt of the assessment. All disclosures, statuses and resolutions shall be regularly reported to the CG Committee. Reports may be submitted to the:

Head, Governance Department
Belle Corporation
5/F  Tower A, Two E-Com Center
Palm Coast Ave., Mall of Asia Complex
CBP 1-A, Pasay 1300 Philippines
email address:
Tel. No.: (632) 662-8888

Belle Corporation also has in place an Insider Trading Policy. This policy prohibits the Company's directors, officers, and employees from using privileged company information for personal gain. View Trading of BEL shares.

Investor Relations Contact
Vice President for Investor Relations
Tel. No.: (632) 662-8888

Accountability, Integrity and Vigilance (Whistle-Blowing)
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Board Diversity
Conflict of Interest
Corporate Disclosures
Data Privacy Act (Records Management)
Directors' Board Seats Held in Other Companies
Employees’ Safety, Health and Welfare
Gifts / Hospitality / Entertainment
Guidelines on Placing of Advertisements
Insider Trading
Related Party Transactions
Succession Planning and Retirement Age for Directors and Key Officers
Tenure of Independent Directors
Vendor Accreditation and Selection