The Parks at Saratoga Hills

The Parks, which comprises clusters of house and lot units arranged around landscaped courtyards and parks, follow a contemporary American country theme. The sweeping community is rich with pine trees, fragrant flowers, and herbs that bring fresh and earthy scents inside each home. House designs are also available for each type of lot.

The Verandas at Saratoga Hills

At The Verandas, lot owners are encouraged to build roof-covered, open-sided living spaces such as terraces, verandas and porches in front of their homes to complete a comfortable American lifestyle. This 19-hectare community transports its residents back to the days when family living was simple, slow-paced, and more idyllic with its South American architectural theme.


A beautiful land that offers a captivating, inspiring and soothing living experience, Fairfield is a contemporary American-inspired community that boasts of the balance and harmony in its natural surroundings. Its name literally translates to beautiful land which beguiles, inspires and lightens up the soul.

Nob Hill

Situated at the highest point of a growing community in Greenlands, Nob Hill is a subdivision in Tagaytay Highlands that encourages and promotes modern living within nature’s charm. This residential enclave is infused with elements of functionality and minimalism. Each home at Nob Hill is composed of simple, rhythmic and geometric lines, light and calming colors, and large windows that draw light and fresh air inside, for a lifestyle that uses nature’s offerings smartly and efficiently.

Tivoli Place

Inspired by the ancient Italian town Lazio, which housed magnificent villas during the Renaissance Period, Tivoli Place at Lakeside Fairways is nestled on a mountain ridge amid a verdant natural backdrop. Located in a serene environment, Tivoli Place is the perfect setting for contemporary country homes. One can expect scenic views of the fairways, landscaped gardens and mountain ridges from this village that will definitely exalt nature’s glory.


Cotswold, the fifth cluster of the Lakeside Fairways development, is situated amidst the fairways and a gliding brook, which evokes a contemporary theme that promises to be a haven to golf enthusiasts. Tropical homes in this community have a spacious and welcoming appeal, with steep, ventilated roofs, high floor elevation, ample natural light, sliding doors, and breezy covered porches that overlook lush gardens.


Inspired by the great Katsura Palace of Kyoto, Katsura is a Japanese-themed residential community designed to be a haven of simplicity and exclusivity. The subdivision takes pride in offering a spectacular blend of simplicity and elegance, located in a prime location in Tagaytay Highlands overlooking the Taal Lake.


Yume is Katsura’s best kept secret as this residential enclave is complete with characteristics of artistry, luxury, elegance, tranquility, and well-being, which are ideal characteristics of a comfortable abode. With the tasteful architectural style and interior design of each home and the inviting majesty of the outdoors, Yume depicts the perfect union of form and function.

Sycamore Heights

Filled with color, beauty and life, Sycamore Heights sits right at the heart of the beautiful Tagaytay Midlands. This exclusive sanctuary is an Asian Contemporary-themed community inspired by the mystical themes of nature with unparalleled views of the Taal Lake and Volcano, Midlands Fairways, and mountainside right from the comforts of each home.

The Woodlands

Headlining Tagaytay Highlands’ log cabin communities is The Woodlands, a community of North American cedar log cabin homes that occupies 26 hectares of a cinematic rolling terrain. Located on the ridge fronting the Tagaytay Highlands Golf Clubhouse, it offers a panoramic view of the Country Club complex, the breathtaking golf course and the scenic countryside.